Join Me At The Market

I am at the market on most Mondays and Fridays. Join me if you are interested in a fresh salad made in front of you, warm bread baked early on, or to buy my fresh herbs, lettuce, or plants to grow your own healthy food.

Join Me

Market days are on Monday and Friday. If you like, you can contact me ahead of time if there is something special you are interest in.

Healthy Salads

I am best known for having fresh healthy salads and bread. Bring a big basket to take plenty home with you. Contact me if there is somethings special you need.

Fuel Up

Fuel up on healthy food. Get a fresh start to your week with a healthy salad and vegetables. Buy your own herbs, both fresh, dried, or take home a plant of your own.

Enjoy Fresh Bread!

Come enjoy fresh bread at the market in San Juan, La Union. I make fresh bread with half wheat and half regular flour. I put fresh herbs in my bread from my garden and bake it within hours of the market, or late in the day before. 

Get fresh bread at the market in San Juan, La Union

Enjoy A Salad

You can come join me and have a fresh salad made for you within less than a minute. Nearly all of the vegetables come from my garden and I only use lettuce that is grown organically without pesticides or herbicides.

Fresh Herbs

If you like fresh or dried herbs you can get them from me. All of my own herbs are grown in a pesticide and herbicide free environment. Fresh compost from worms is used to deliver extra flavor. Taste the difference and make your meals that much better with fresh or dried herbs.

Grow your own fresh herbs including mint, basil, parsley, and others

Herb Garden

Would you like to grow your own herbs? Great! I can help you by getting you started with your own plants grown in our special compost. Choose from basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, and many others. If you have any problems growing your herbs, then stop by to see me!

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